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  • T: Town
  • CY: City
  • RG: Region
  • IRI: Indian Reserve
  • DPL: Designated Place
  • SNO: Subdivision of Unorganized

Newfoundland & Labrador Statistics Agency Geography

  • LOC: Locality
  • UNP: Unorganized Area
  • BC: Between Communities
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Classified Zones by Year

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Zones with Overlaid Charts


Economic Zone2004200520062007200820092010201120122013
0Economic Zone
1Economic Zone 24.966.006.076.658.545.919.8810.9410.948.16
2Economic Zone 33.394.394.144.435.754.184.674.975.285.06
3Economic Zone 42.261.832.452.512.712.633.573.384.163.73
4Economic Zone 54.275.876.556.456.577.648.278.456.357.99
5Economic Zone 65.194.884.895.585.925.516.526.086.206.33
6Economic Zone
7Economic Zone 84.374.684.725.836.385.786.525.785.866.44
8Economic Zone 92.612.923.063.614.154.214.614.194.614.66
9Economic Zone 103.233.643.744.
10Economic Zone 113.513.914.155.085.724.625.135.235.545.81
11Economic Zone
12Economic Zone 132.633.083.243.805.224.064.725.085.135.81
13Economic Zone 143.804.033.774.555.314.625.404.825.505.98
14Economic Zone 154.354.314.274.845.794.955.725.576.326.79
15Economic Zone 163.162.943.254.025.374.435.054.875.385.88
16Economic Zone 173.643.813.584.735.444.315.325.095.585.77
17Economic Zone 182.773.
18Economic Zone 195.826.466.316.987.336.707.016.807.347.77
19Economic Zone 203.693.743.695.215.865.086.576.236.938.18


Service NL, Motor Registration Division Prepared by: Newfoundland & Labrador Statistics Agency, Economics and Statistics Branch